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My short film "Closet Supes" to screen on 9/29 at Tasveer South Asian Film Festival in Seattle!

Closet Supes is a short film I made in response to a competition prompt that invited Asian-Americans to make a film examining our unique perspectives as children of Asian immigrants in today’s America. This was an opportunity for me to turn the lens inward on my personal life and tell an atypical immigrant tale of loss, forgiveness, and identity as it is influenced by family, both the kind we are born into and the families we choose. The story is loosely based on my relationship with my step-brother and our mutual love for comic books.

After months of post-production, I’m thrilled to announce that Closet Supes will be screening at the largest South Asian film festival in America, the Tasveer South Asian Film Festival in Seattle! Check the trailer below!

The best part about it is, my step-brother, Sam, and my new wife Camille are coming along for the ride :) Follow my social media to catch glimpses of our red-carpet arrival where we’ll be rubbing elbows with some of the elite names in South Asian film such as Shabana Azmi (Deepa Mehta’s Fire) and Suraj Sharma (Ang Lee’s Life of Pi).

And if you’re interested in learning about how I managed to pull off a hybrid live-action/animated short film on a budget with a skeleton crew, fear not! I’m also a panelist on the festival’s short-film workshop where we’ll be pulling the veil back on the grind behind the shine ;)

Thank you, as always, for your love and support, and for listening to my stories wherever they find an outlet.