For Flow

The November 2008 Stage Production


Nov 2008.jpg

In the birthplace of hip-hop, two MC’s wait for a record producer on a lonely street corner of the Bronx. Inspired by Samuel Beckett’s play, Waiting for Godot, For Flow zeroes in on the hunger, ambition and raw talent that carried the art form of rapping from the corner to concert halls around the world. Dee and Kane, are searching for a way to climb out of the hard-knock lives they’ve been forced to lead. We join them on a street corner where they await the arrival of ‘Flow’, a record producer Dee claims to have met earlier that week in a club. During the course of the story, Roxanne, a DJ who is searching for a pawn shop, and Broonzy, an elderly male blues guitarist in search of a lost family both become acquainted with the two MCs, each in search of their own destinies. Every character in ‘Flow’ is a musician and, as the story unfolds, we witness this kinship expressed through freestyle battles, live DJ sets and Broonzy’s blues riffs. It is a story about connecting to one’s past, reckoning with the present and seizing opportunity for the future."


"Wable's writing is clever, and at times hilarious and poignant, and it is this language that drives the piece forward" - Kelly Aliano,


  • Devere Rogers* as DEE

  • Vladimir Versailles as KANE

  • Cherrye Davis as ROXANNE

  • Brian D. Coats* as BROONZY

*appeared courtesy of Equity 

Director, Jonathan Solari;  Production/Set Designer, Jordan Wagenseller